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Start Your Karatbars Business and Wealth Building Program HERE!

Head over to our sister group Synergy Gold and meet Nitsa and the team as they take you through a step by step guide to exploding your Karatbars business! Inside you will find a wealth of experience, information and support from people who have achieved just what you want.

Be sure to go through the entire program -  join the Social Media Groups - ask plenty of questions - collaborate - stay plugged in and get ready to take off! Afterwards we at 22nd Century Gold can give you a number of additional insights, so keep coming back for updates and tips on how to become a 6 figure earner and 7 figure Asset owner!

1. Get Started - Positioning with a Business Package and Paid by Mastercard....

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How To Get Started

Please go HERE and hit REGISTER. You now have 2 free options:  Customer or Affiliate: Both are free to join but if you feel you might want to share this knowledge and benefit from doing so, click Affiliate!

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How To Make Money 

Own your very own business franchise in gold and help other people to convert from paper money into gold or crypto. Each package provides increasing income for your efforts.

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How To Get Paid!

We get paid via Mastercard every Friday AND the 1st of each month.... be sure to Register your Card and enjoy the regular passive income you earn from Karatbars.

2. Learn About Your Karatpay, K-Booster and Karatbit Exchange

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Set Up Your Karatpay

Karatpay is the Gold Standard Bank and Karatbars equivalent to Paypal or Apple Pay. It is designed to allow people to pay for "stuff" in shops, leisure and activity venues. A great way to use your gold for everyday life. Only available at participating Retailers. Karatpay is ALSO used to transfer your Gold to other parts of the Gold Standard Bank ecosystem.

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Start Using Your K-Booster System 

K-Booster gives you Landing Pages specific to the areas your prospect has expressed interest in so you can send her there direct from your phone. Manage contacts, invite to live events and webinars all at the swipe of a finger. See HERE for our example.

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Set Up Your Karatbit Exchange

Your Karatbit Exchange is a tool you use to transfer between fiat currency, gold and blockchain coins. Here is how you set up your Karatbit Exchange. Register your Karatbit Account HERE

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Now Businesses can Build Assets with Every Sale

K-Merchant is an absolutely secure and transparent POS payment system using  blockchain technology. Everything runs automatically, legally, secure and above all quickly: The customer initiates a payment via K-Merchant, the system validates it, and the process is completed – irrevocably and without costs. The payments are then credited to the service provider in the twinkling of an eye and irreversibly.

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How This New Blockchain Smartphone Builds For You

IMPulse K1 is the first ever blockchain powered phone, with brand new technology powering the future with E2EE communications, P2P money transfer and private banking, all in one device. Fast, secure it's unhackable. Privacy is the New Order. Register for your business-building phone TODAY.