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What is happening to YOUR money?

How Banks can Modify Your Contracts During the Reset

The date they need to modify contracts has nothing to do with the volatility of our current global economic system, and all the reasons it can collapse for us all at any moment. 


What are three keys I believe everyone should have the ability to recognize to make fully educated choices? Lets take a look....


What I would like everyone to understand is that fiat money is designed to reset via inflation. Bankers and governments know that nominal confusion hides this from the public. Hyperinflation is simply the final wealth transfer blow off.

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Turkey boasts the fourteenth largest economy and they’ve had easy access to global debt markets. If that debt were issued in terms of lira, no problem, it could be paid off with cheaper lira. Unfortunately, roughly $450bn of that debt was issued in terms of other fiat currencies, with USD denominated bonds making up a full third of that debt!

Smart Money Moves!

The Money Shot! Many of you are here because you hope to increase your wealth over time but are unsure how to move forward. You believe, as I do, that the markets are in real trouble and that’s where you hold most of your wealth. In fact, many of you cannot touch your retirement assets, so what do you do?

Ron Paul - Why the FED hates Gold & Why WE need it!

Gold is money, despite the propaganda saying otherwise. Don't be the last to know this important fact. Ron Paul discusses on today's Liberty Report! With the high level knowledge you are well placed to do something about it.... HERE

YOUR Pension/ 401k Fund is buying Derivative debt

Who is paying for the derivatives debt that has been allowed to build up in the past 20 years? Answer..... You and me! Worse, the decision makers now bailing out ahead of the the next shift... leaving you and me holding the bag. What are YOU doing about this? Leaving it to your pension manager or stock adviser? OR are YOU doing something about it YOURSELF? Start doing something about it HERE